Sterile Procedure Trays

Today, hospitals are confronted with many challenges: cost cutting, efficiency increases or a shortage of healthcare workers. Medline’s Sterile Procedure Trays (SPTs) help you target these challenges. 

Efficient healthcare distribution not only delivers supplies, but it also results in cost-effective, high-quality patient care. Medline is experienced in the supply chain requirements of individual healthcare settings and best practices throughout the industry. By offering customised distribution programmes, quality products and decades of experience, Medline reduces costs, improves productivity and enhances the quality of patient care.

The success of our programmes has been proven with measurable results. We are large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to offer creative approaches, flexibility and quick responses to address the issues you face every day. 


Medline's surgical procedure packs

The Medline sterile equipment helps

to face the current challenges by 

applying efficiency principles to the

management of the surgical area.



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Customised Packs 

Meeting today's needs of healthcare providers

Today there is increased pressure on hospital management to improve efficiency and reduce costs while minimizing the harm to the environment. Low prices alone are no longer enough. You need:

Products designed to make your process leaner

Outstanding service

High quality

Environmentally friendly options

Designed to make surgical processes leaner: one item instead of dozens

Medline's Sterile Procedure Trays come completed with everything you need for a procedure. It is compact, ready to use and can be reordered with just one item number instead of dozens. 

Sterile Procedure Trays reduce set-up time, leaving more time for treating patients. With fewer items to open, there is also a reduced risk of contamination.

Increased efficiency

One of the most important topics to increase efficiency in your account is the reduction of touchpoints. Touchpoints are the contacts your staff has with surgical components. This has impact on the operating room, the supply chain and accounting. Reduced touchpoints results in significant time and cost savings.

Medline's Sterile Procedure Trays can reduce touchpoints up to more than 90%. As there is a lot of time saving, staff satisfaction will increase plus the clinicians can concentrate on the most important topic, the patient. The reduction of Touch Points can be proven by studies done at customers, using SPT tools like the Medline Efficiency Calculator.



Exceptional quality


As a leader in custom procedure trays worldwide, we are comitted to quality. Medline has been providing surgical packs to facilities for over 20 years, and we produce thousands of packs every day.


The importance of quality cannot be overstated. In fact we have zero tolerance for errors. We take validation of components very seriously, as safety for your patients is very important to us.


Count on your packs always containing exactly what you ordered:

  • The right components
  • Correct placement within the pack
  • Consistent - accurate, every time

High quality and great service are the cornerstones of our success as a world-leading pack provider.

Outstanding consulting services

Clinical Analysis:
Our highly trained and experienced product specialists analyze your needs and offer suggestions for improvement and standardization. Throughout the implementation of your Sterile Procedure Trays, our clinicians are there to help.

Logistical Analysis:
Your hospital will not only get support in the operating theatre, we also have specialists trained on lean management to support your entire supply chain plus help you to optimize the demand in storage space, which is a hot topic in most hospitals.

Ongoing Communication:
We regularly communicate with all our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied. This helps us to understand each facility and to anticipate our customers' needs.


SPT Supply Management

The business partner programme offers you a free logistical assessment and a visit of our manufacturing plant which leads to the optimization of your purchases across sterile procedure trays (SPT), preventive care and drapes and gowns.

The business partner programme includes:

Logistics Assessment
Medline experts will perform an on-site logistical assessment to detail the flow of products through the facility. Our team will suggest enhancement opportunities and present logistics flow analysis, results and recommendations.
Learn more about our logistical services

Sterile Procedure Trays Simulation
A Medline expert can come to any facility to perform a simulation of the benefit a hospital would get by switching from single sterile items to an SPT pack.

Packs Optimization
Medline experts will review your current pack and suggest changes to make the packs meet your needs even better. A report with suggested changes and updates will be provided to the hospital.

Medline Facility Visit
The visit to Medline’s sterile procedure tray plant in Chateaubriant, France lasts 1 to 2 days and may include: product & manufacturing plant introduction presentation, a visit to the warehouse and the clean room and a workshop with component samples.


CORE Programme

Hospitals continually face pressure to lower costs while improving patient care. In response to this, Medline is introducing the CORE Programme. This new program allows you to enjoy the benefits of custom packs – but at a very low cost without compromising the custom pack quality you expect from Medline.

The CORE Programme is a custom pack programme which allows you to design your custom pack using a select list of components: all of which are proven quality, low cost and high volume/high service items.

Sterile Procedure Trays CORE Programme

CORE Offering
• Low cost components
• High volume items
• Component availability
• Proven quality of all items

CORE Benefits
• Lower cost of CORE packs
• High pack service level
• Low lead-time of new packs
• Assured pack quality


Medline’s greensmart™ is a collection of products that are environmentally friendly (green) and good for your business (smart).

At Medline, we constantly look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, and we know that you share our concern for the environment. We realised that the greensmart™ program had to include only high-quality, affordable products in order to be successful. So we evaluated our top-selling pack components and developed smart options that conserve energy in manufacturing, use less ingredients and contain recyclable materials.

Earth-friendly pack components for theatre

Sustainability is a journey and the greensmart program will support you to follow this journey.

Medline's greensmart theatre towels and pigment-free plastics are manufactured without added chemicals and pigments to help you contribute to a healthier environment.

 The greensmart pack program includes:
• Natural™ Theatre Towel
• Pigment-free Plastics
• Paper Tray