Surgical Gloves

Medline has been selling surgical gloves since 1999, and while technologies have evolved over the years, the company’s commitment to providing quality solutions that address customer needs has remained unchanged. In December 2017 Medline launched its own Signature Latex and SensiCare PI (polyisoprene) surgical glove lines in Europe. The addition of these new gloves gives Medline arguably the most comprehensive glove portfolio available on the market.



Medline’s customer focus continues to be the driving force behind our glove portfolio and has resulted in end-user-inspired innovation that tackles the challenges faced by healthcare professionals on a daily basis. A great example of this innovation is Aloetouch® technology, which Medline introduced in 1999. Surgeons and scrub staff had been complaining of dry, irritated hands, so Medline listened and came up with a clinically proven and groundbreaking solution to this problem by bringing the soothing and moisturising properties of aloe vera to medical gloves.

  • Prevent dry, irritated hands: Respondents to hospital surveys preferred Aloetouch gloves to their current gloves and noticed a significant difference in how their hands felt after the trial period.
  • Improved moisturising and skin condition: Independent clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy of aloe-coated gloves in moisturising and improving skin condition.

SensiCare PI Green with Aloe is Medline’s surgical glove featuring the Aloetouch technology.

Medline’s latest user-inspired innovation is a new glove former to improve comfort, reduce hand fatigue and optimally fit the overwhelming majority of wearers. Some users expressed issues with hand fatigue while wearing gloves with curved fingers for extended periods of time. By using a new and improved hand mould to make all of our new surgical gloves, these issues have been addressed, and feedback is positive.

Latex- and Accelerator-Free Gloves

Medline’s focus on safety is especially visible in the surgical glove portfolio. We offer a wide array of gloves to combat both type I latex allergies and type IV allergies to chemical accelerators. Concern about this topic is growing, as an estimated 18 per cent of medical professionals are allergic to latex. About half of Medline’s surgical gloves are latex free, and all except one are also DPG- and thiuram-free; these are two types of accelerators commonly found in gloves, which can cause contact dermatitis. For more information about these allergies and other hot topics for gloves, please read our Knowledge Base series on surgical and exam gloves.


Medline is proud to make constant improvement on its surgical gloves without latex, powder and accelerators.

Your Partner in Gloves

Disposable gloves are one of the highest volume supplies for hospitals. Before you know it, managing the inventory can become a challenge. As a worldwide leader in exam and surgical gloves, Medline can help you optimise your selection.

Following a paper audit and an on-site walk-through of your facility, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current glove usage along with opportunities for SKU reduction/elimination, vendor standardisation and cost savings. We also have a Conversion Management Programme in place for facilities who decide to switch, easing the transition process with a focus on communication and education.


Would you like to continue your online research first? Medline makes it easy for you to evaluate all the options on the market in order to select the right glove and material. On our website you can find the Selection Criteria Guide, which breaks down the differences between major glove types to help you make an informed, educated decision.