Medline ramps up production of Isolex™ polyisoprene with launch of new surgical gloves

12 Feb

Medline’s proprietary polyisoprene formulation is the key to quality. 

Isolex is Medline’s proprietary formulation of polyisoprene, a raw material used to manufacture latex-free surgical gloves. Even as the industry is transitioning away from latex, clinicians still require a glove that has the soft, comfortable fit and feel of latex, but without the danger of a type I allergic reaction. Polyisoprene is the ideal solution for bridging the gap between safety and performance in a surgical glove.


With a molecular structure virtually identical to natural rubber latex, polyisoprene is the perfect alternative to latex. Users benefit from a soft and comfortable fit and feel, great tactile sensitivity and excellent durability and strength, all without the risks associated with latex. Type I latex allergies can cause severe, sometimes life-threatening, reactions, but users and patients don’t have to worry about this when using synthetic gloves. An additional benefit of polyisoprene is even better batch-to-batch consistency when compared to latex, which helps minimise product variations and improve quality and safety. 

So what makes Medline’s proprietary polyisoprene so special? Isolex sets itself apart from the competition because it is designed primarily for use as a surgical glove material. While competitors also sell polyisoprene surgical gloves, they purchase their polyisoprene from third parties, who manufacture it for use across many industries. Because of this, other types of polyisoprene contain diphenyl guanidine (DPG), a chemical accelerator that many people are sensitive to. This accelerator can cause type IV allergic reactions like allergic contact dermatitis, which plagues its sufferers with dry, irritated hands, hindering performance and decreasing the quality of work life. Medline is happy to announce that Isolex is DPG-free; this chemical property combined with the proprietary and exclusive nature of Isolex ensures a high-quality, specialised and consistent product.

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