Medline is both a manufacturer and a distributor, offering numerous products to our customers in Europe. Our global manufacturing and supply chain operations comprise Medline-owned assembly and manufacturing facilities, as well as third party manufacturing subcontractors and direct suppliers.  

Medline is committed to sourcing products from ethical and socially responsible factories around the world. 

WRAP Certification

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Medline is gradually rolling out WRAP certifications to selected first-tier suppliers in our supply chain, focusing on suppliers of medical textiles and wearables. This is a multi-year project that we believe will have a significant and positive impact on supply chain practices in the medical device industry. Our customers can be confident that products manufactured in a WRAP-certified facility are manufactured under humane and safe working conditions.

What is WRAP

WRAP is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.

WRAP is the world’s largest independent facility certification program mainly focused on the apparel, footwear and sewn products sectors. We seek to independently monitor and certify compliance with WRAP’s 12 Principles, which are based on the rule of law within each country and include the spirit or language of relevant International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions.

Learn more about WRAP here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Medline recognises the importance of actively monitoring and promoting labour and human rights in our supply chain. And we are committed to ensuring that workers in our supply chain are treated with dignity and respect, and that all local laws are abided by. To this end, Medline has created the Supplier Code of Conduct, which is part of our approach to being a good corporate citizen.

Medline’s Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards that Medline expects its suppliers to adhere to regarding wages and benefits, worker health and safety, and working hours. It also explicitly prohibits slavery, involuntary labour and child labour.

What is the Supplier Code of Conduct?

Based on standards and conventions of the International Labour Organisation, SA8000 (Social Accountability International) and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), Medline’s Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the standards that we expect our suppliers to comply with to contribute to a safe, ethical, humane and environmentally friendly workplace.

Download Medline’s Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Medline has a zero-tolerance policy for slavery, child labour, forced labour and human trafficking in our supply chain.

UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

Medline is aware that slavery, forced labour and human trafficking are critical human rights issues. We monitor our own internal operations as well as those of our suppliers to prevent and address such abuses of workers’ human rights.

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